Blue Hill Research: EMM Benchmark Report

Atlas Sets the Stage for Advanced Enterprise Mobile Security

Enterprise mobility is central to all enterprise operations. Larger companies, in particular, need to rethink mobile security. Due to an increased need to secure these mobile apps and the information accessed within those apps.

Blue Hill Research’s Benchmark Report illustrates that there is an undeniable need to deploy secure mobile apps that are integral to the progression of large enterprises.

This report discusses:

  • Key issues with large-scale enterprises deploying mobility security
  • Importance or preserving user experience while meeting security demands
  • Importance of enterprises to rethink mobile security as a top-down process
  • Key capabilities of the Atlas Platform

You can also get an exclusive infographic that details the Atlas Platform; this includes:

  • Key Blue Cedar partners
  • Atlas’s “Tap ‘n Go” user experience
  • Cost-effective scalability with Atlas